Turkish Journal of
Cardiovascular Nursing
Case Report

Lydia Hall Model-Based Care in a Patient with Gastrointestinal Bleeding After Cardiac Arrest


Department of Internal Medicine Nursing, Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital, İzmir, Turkey


Department of Internal Medicine Nursing, Ege University, İzmir, Turkey

Turkish Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing 2022; 13: 50-53
DOI: 10.5543/khd.2022.211724
Read: 1011 Downloads: 291 Published: 25 April 2022

Nursing theories and models provide a systematic basis for defining, planning, implementing, and evaluating care. It also creates a new framework for more holistic and individualized care. One of the models used to create the theoretical framework to base care on solid evidence is Lydia Hall's Care-Self-Treatment Model. Hall's model; Care (the patient's body) consists of three elements: core-core-center (core) and treatment (cure-disease affecting the body). In this case study, a 45-year-old patient with gastrointestinal bleeding who had a cardiac arrest during coronary angiography procedure and was followed up in the general intensive care unit after cardiopulmonary resuscitation is discussed. Nursing care was planned and applied with a holistic perspective, based on the Lydia Hall care ring. In the evaluation phase; The usability of the model in practice is shown.

Cite this article as: Uysal Akbaş D., Özer S, Yıldırım Y. Kardiyak arrest sonrası gastrointestinal kanama gelişen bir olguda lydia hall modeli temelli bakım. Turk J Cardiovasc Nurs 2022;13(30):50-53.

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