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Cardiovascular Nursing
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An Information Source for Blood Pressure Measurement: Youtube Analysis


University of Health Science, Hamidiye Faculty of Health Science, Istanbul, Turkey


Department of Nursing, Gölbaşı Şehit Ahmet Özsoy State Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

Turkish Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing 2022; 13: 28-35
DOI: 10.5543/khd.2022.212437
Read: 650 Downloads: 172 Published: 25 April 2022

Objective: The aim of the study is to evaluate the quality, reliability, information and educational content, and usefulness of videos on blood pressure measurement on YouTube video platform.

Methods: One hundred fifteen Turkish videos were analyzed using keywords “how to measure blood pressure” and “how to measure tension” in the study. Videos are analyzed simultaneously and independently by 2 experts using DISCERN (quality criteria for consumer health) scoring system for the quality of education, JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) score for the accuracy, usefulness and reliability of video source, global quality score for the evaluation of information and educational content, USEFULNESS score, and video power index to evaluate both views and like rates. In addition, video source, upload date, views, comments, and likes and dislikes numbers were also recorded.

Results: In the study, 43.5% of the videos were uploaded by a physician, 55.7% of them had very low education quality, 74.8% had partially sufficient data about the video source, and 34.8% were evaluated as less useful. When video uploaders and scores were compared, there were significant differences between DISCERN (P = .024), JAMA (P = .015), global quality score (P < .001), USEFULNESS (P < .001) and it was found that the mean scores of the videos that uploaded by physicians were higher than other groups in all significant differences scores (P < .05).

Conclusion: Videos about blood pressure measurement are generally of low quality and educational value. For this reason, it is extremely important for the videos accessed via YouTube and other social media tools to be audited by experts in the field in terms of accessing the right information from the right source.

Cite this article as: Tosun H, Tosun A. Kan basıncı Ölçümü İçin bir bilgi kaynağı: Youtube analizi. Turk J Cardiovasc Nurs 2022;13(30):28-35.

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