EISSN 2149-4975
Turkish Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing - Turk J Card Nur: 9 (18)
Volume: 9  Issue: 18 - April 2018
Nuray Enç
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2.Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Knowledge Levels in Office Workers
Ayşe Sezer Balcı, Nurcan Kolaç, Demet Şahinkaya, Esra Yılmaz, Cansu Nirgiz
doi: 10.5543/khd.2018.84756  Pages 1 - 6

3.Evaluation of Nurses' Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Current 2015 Guidelines
Dilek Aygin, Hande Cengiz Açıl, Özge Yaman, Meryem Çelik, Esin Danç
doi: 10.5543/khd.2018.63625  Pages 7 - 12

4.Relationship Among Pedigree Analysis Quality of Life Risk Factors and Disease in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome
Sibel Sevinç, Haluk Akın, Özge Uzun
doi: 10.5543/khd.2018.02418  Pages 13 - 19

5.Use of Short Messaging Service (SMS) for Blood Pressure: A Literature Review
Duygu Kes
doi: 10.5543/khd.2018.83997  Pages 20 - 28

6.Anticoagulant Treatment Compliance After Heart Valve Prosthesis
Eda Ayten Kankaya, Özlem Bilik
doi: 10.5543/khd.2018.19870  Pages 29 - 34

7.Nursing Care of Patients with Deep Vein Thrombosis According to Gordon's Functional Health Patterns Model: Case Report
Gülçin Şahin, Elif Akyüz
doi: 10.5543/khd.2018.20082  Pages 35 - 40

8.The Nursing Care to COPD Patient with/who had Mitral Stenosis: Case Report
Sevda Efil
doi: 10.5543/khd.2018.53825  Pages 41 - 49

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